Information Technologies applied to the discovery, exploration and better understanding of the oceans

VirtualDive is dedicated to the inception, developement and commercialisation of innovative products and services. Our solutions are based on state of the art technologies in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, simulation, “edutainment” and serious gaming, underwater robotics and interactive consoles. Discover some of our award winning products and software applications…

 Dolphyn Console Virtual spots editing


November 2013:
VirtualDive obtained the “Star of Design 2014″ award for the design of its aquatic console DOLPHYN…
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August 2013:
Discover the results of the Digital Ocean project…
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May 2013:
The Dolphyn console was awarded serveral prizes at the 41st International  Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva…
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Dolphyn Console

VirtualDive is officially launching on the market its innovative Interactive Aquatic Console, the DOLPHYN. This console is bringing digital leisures into aquatic activities such as snorkeling and diving…. Learn more

Virtual spots editing

VirtualDive has developed a set of tools allowing to recreate underwater sites in interactive 3D with the participation of the diving and scientific communities…. Learn more

The Digital Ocean project

Discover our European funded project that aims to develop innovative tools dedicated to ocean discovery, exploration and public awareness… Learn more



Award winning:.

  • Star of Design 2014
  • Geneva Invention fair 2013
  • Techinnov 2013
  • Laval Virtual 2009
  • IntraVerse Awards 2009
  • Aqualie 2008
  • Tourisma….
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                   incoming event:.

VirtualDive will present its products during the next diving show in Paris (stand F13)

Scuba Diving Exhibit 2014

Scuba Diving Exhibit 2014