An IT company specialized in innovative solutions for virtual, augmented and distant ocean exploration


Alain DINIS discovered scuba diving and multimedia in the late 90’s while living in La Jolla, California. Ever since, he dedicated himself in developing a visionary dream: bring ocean discovery, exploration and awareness to all by using innovative technologies. First, he has founded VirtualDive to carry out intensive R&D in the framework of the Digital Ocean project.

During those years, he was able to federate innovative SMEs, research labs and an international team of highly qualified professionals that shared the same vision. Alain has 15 years of experience in managing innovative IT projects in the field of leisures and tourism. He has a Business degree in International Business Administration from the American University in Paris, a Master degree in Interactive Multimedia from the Royal College of Arts in London, a Master degree in Tourism Engineering from the Sorbonne University and a degree from the HEC Business School (Paris) in innovation management.



Star of Design 2014, 
Paris (FRANCE): Best Design for new marketed French product

Invention Fair 2013
, Geneva (Switzerland):
– Gold medal award in the “computer” category, with honors
– Franco-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award
– French Industrial Property Award (INPI)

Techinnov 2013, Paris (FRANCE): Technological & innovation prize

Grand Prix Laval Virtual 2009
, Laval (FRANCE): Exhibit dedicated to Virtual Reality

IntraVerse Awards 2009
, Imagina (Monaco): Best R&D project
“The most innovative virtual experience” (Comments from the Jury)



VirtualDive was supported by major national and European organisms during its R&D phase:

Public institutions



International organizations



Research labs



Technological partners