Online Virtualdive Network

The Underwater geographical information collaborative platform


VirtualDive has conceived and developed a dedicated web service, based on a Google Map API. This underwater GIS platform allows to carry out collaborative mapping enriched with their geo-localised audiovisual information (photos, video and observations of points of interest).



The geolocation of heterogeneous media data

The platform allows divers to post on a Geographic Information System (GIS), all their multimedia data to enable their grouping, classification and geo-location through the collaborative work of the community. Such participation validates the quality of the information and thereby creates a truly global database of the seabed maps…


Photos, videos, sketches, drawings, isometric and panoramic views, KML files can then be imported on the platform. Dive centers can therefore benefit from the perfect tool to prepare briefings and divers can discover the spots on which they will dive from their home or on site from their mobile devices (smartphone or tablet).


Underwater photographers and videographers will be able to submit their audiovisual content and geolocalize them.






Create a community of underwater explorers


The platform is conceived as a social network in order to federate the users’ community around participative observations. The international community of professionals (divers, diving clubs, associations of diving instructors, scientists and agencies concerned by the subaquatic world and by marine environment protection) will be able to participate in creating an online catalog of the best scuba diving spots in the world. Over time, they will be able to improve and update the data produced and collected at sea.