Applying our solutions to your needs

Get your own underwater geographical information platform

Our internet platform is designed for dive centers, Marine Protected Areas managers, archaeologists, underwater photographers, marine biologists… wishing to propose interactive discovery of their best diving sites to their clients and followers. This web service enables to create accurate maps with geolocalized of multimedia information (comments, photos, videos, sketches, diagrams of underwater points of interest…). Incrementation and constant updates can be made through a participative collaboration from the community. This unique solution can allow diving professionals to promote scuba diving activities and underwater tourism to Internet users. 

Our offer is based on a SaaS model (Software as a Service). According to your needs, you can choose the possibility to edit from one to several hundred dive sites.

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 Develop your 3D dive sites and underwater video games



Already available data and information collected on the collaborative platform can be used in order to recreate interactive virtual 3D visits of dive sites. VirtualDive proposes to diving professional (dive centers, Marine Protected Areas Managers) and underwater tourism organizations (Coastal Tourist Offices, Tour Operators) to promote their dive sites by creating interactive mapping, interactive virtual tours enriched by audiovisual content, “edutaining” or serious underwater games…

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 Live streaming underwater video

VirtualDive can propose a unique service to professionals : underwater videoconferencing. This service is made possible thanks to the patented innovative product, the DOLPHYN interactive subaquatic consoles (made by AKWATYX) associated with a connected communication buoy. A nearby WIFI access or a 3G/4G available network will allow a dive center, Marine Protected Area scientists, underwater archaeologists to share “LIVE” their subaquatic exploration with Internet users, distant public places (schools, aquariums…). It is a great solution for Public outreach and awareness, participative sciences and education, collaborative works… This Diver Operated Console can be coupled with a mini-ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) to add other underwater point of views.

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Underwater data acquisition


VirtualDive team, associated with key partners, can organize a mission at sea to collected the required data for rebuilding the real spot in interactive 3D enriched with multimedia information. During this mission, our team will gather bathymetrical information, underwater photos and videos and scientific information that will be treated and used in order to build the interactive dive site or underwater game.

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 Aerial data acquisition

irtualDive, in association with professional drone operating companies, can also set up overflights missions in order to get close up aerial pictures of Marine Protected Areas, Reserves, coral reefs, wrecks sites… Aerial photographies taken over clear waters areas came be used for 2D/3D mapping and Points of Interest (POI) geolocalization.

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Dive sites VR exploration



Interactive 3D real dive sites maps could also be explored using VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard… in order to enhance the immersive experience.


Edutaining game for the PACA region (south of France)
3D diving sites modeling for the city of Toulon,
the Cap d’Agde Tourism Office, Parc Canada and Parcs Nationaux de France
Rentals of aquatic consoles for aquatic events
Scientific mission in the Red Sea (UW data gathering for site 3D modeling)