Les développements récents liés aux nouvelles technologies, la robotique sous-marine, la géo-localisation, la Réalité Virtuelle et Augmentée et  la retransmission de données changeront radicalement la façon dont nous  percevrons les océans. Le programme de Recherche DIGITAL OCEAN réalisé entre 2011 et 2013, financé et soutenu par la Commission Européenne a eu pour objectif de mettre en place les premières solutions innovantes qui ont servies de base au déploiement des produits et services de VirtualDive.

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VirtualDive has been at the forefront of diving innovation in France in the past several years, and constantly demonstrate leadership in innovation regarding applying digital technologies to scuba-diving. I'm always curious about what they will come up with next!
Pierre-Yves Cousteau
Cousteau Divers
I have been in touch with Alain Dinis since several years and could follow his projects all along. I have to say that his visions are certainly there to provide the World another perspective of the underwater World and I am sure that it will not remain a vision but a reality. So many applications of this project could be implemented just in order to also bring the people closer to the water element.
Jean-Claude Monachon
Vice-President International Sales & Marketing - Scuba Schools International
I follow the Virtual Dive projects probably since day one, I see opportunities for the different solutions and applications that are being developed. They will be great interactive tools to connect divers with the public for a closer approach to underwater life. The underwater image transfer applications will provide new opportunities to create divers and contribute to the diving industry, and recreational diving tourism future.
Francis Dupont
Consultant in the diving industry since 1972